Meet the Author

AJ Spurr

As a freelance writer, I’ve been blessed with incredible opportunities to write blogs and articles about a number of fascinating topics. One of my favourite projects has been researching and writing articles for Australia’s National Day of Thanks, across more than a decade. What I learnt about the power and spiritual significance of gratitude during that time has changed my life.

I’ve also interviewed countless ex-prisoners and people who have overcome drug and alcohol addiction, whose lives were transformed when they experienced personal encounters with Jesus. Time after time, they speak about how so many of us on the ‘outside’ are living in prisons we’ve created for ourselves. Prisons of unforgiveness, fear, anger and hate.

A few years ago, I felt God put on my heart the passion to write about what my research has uncovered, which has left such an indelible mark on my life. But like so many, I lived with crippling self-doubt.

I cried out to God and said, “if you really want me to write this book, please show me.”

A few days later I was at church on a Sunday morning and our pastor invited each of us to come forward for a word of encouragement.

A group of church leaders lined the foot of the stage and I had my eye on a mature, older woman who I wanted to speak over me but there was quite a line of women waiting to speak to her. My husband nudged me and pointed to a young woman who I’d never seen before (and have never seen since!). “You need to speak to her,” he said.

Reluctantly, I stepped forward and stood silently in front of this stranger. She put her hand on my arm and we were silent together, for what seemed like an eternity. ‘Well, this is awkward,’ I thought. ‘She doesn’t have a word for me.’

I was just about to save both of us from my embarrassment by thanking her for her silent prayer and walking back to my seat, when she finally spoke. “You see beautiful things and you really notice them,” she said. “This is a reflection of God’s thumbprint on your heart. You will show people how to see these beautiful things in a unique way that no one’s ever done before.”

Tears filled my eyes.

“Does that mean anything to you?” She asked. “Oh yes!” I responded. God had just shown me so clearly what He wanted me to do.

This is a book about seeing God, who is beautiful, learning to see His invisible qualities (Romans 1:20) and being aware of His presence in every circumstance.

It’s also a book about a seeing God. A God who sees you in every circumstance. And how that changes everything.